Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pot Thief Tour 2010 - Day 32

The four-days, four-different-towns, four events blitz is over, so I had a chance to relax and get ready for my ride on the New Mexico Bookmobile. New Mexico is the only state that sponsors a rural bookmobile, three of them actually, that go to remote villages with no libraries. A reporter and photographer from New Mexico Magazine were supposed to ride along and do a feature story on me and my books which are in the bookmobile collection. If you noticed the subjunctive construction in that last sentence, then you have perhaps correctly inferred that the trip was cancelled. The bookmobile I was supposed to ride in blew its radiator, and there was no open date on my tour to re-schedule. NM Magazine reaches about a hundred thousand readers, so this is a major loss in terms of publicity. I though about getting one of those magnetic signs to stick on my car door, but Lai vetoed it on the grounds of good taste.

Mike Orenduff

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