Monday, May 31, 2010

Pot Thief Tour 2010 - Day 18

NB: Because we are sometimes without internet in rural parts of New Mexico, I cannot always make daily posts. As you have noted, I have combined a few days. I may also send a back post on the same day as a new post. The signing tour has no plot, so the order hardly matters.

After my signing at COAS Bookstore in Las Cruces, we went to a birthday party for the granddaughter of Donaciano Gonzales who served me as Assistant to the President at NMSU. ‘Assistant to the President’ is academic speak for lobbyist. Donnie did a great job. The percentage of appropriation increase for NMSU was the highest of all state institutions each year of my presidency. But college presidents are notorious for boring their audiences by bragging about how well their institutions have done, so I will say no more about that topic.

Instead, I want to make a point about diversity. Donnie’s son Donald was married the day before my signing. At his granddaughter’s birthday party after the signing, we met three friends of the groom. One was Indian (not a Native American, but a person from India). One had the Scottish name Hammish but was Jewish, and the other was an Anglo of some variety. I also met one of Donnie’s long-terms friends named David Ulibarri, a Basque name. And Donnie’s grandson by his daughter Andrea has blond curly hair. Is this a great country or what?

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