Sunday, March 30, 2014

And that plan is do nothing?

As you see from the date on the previous post, it is now many weeks since I said I was going to give blogging another go, and I have done nothing. But I am finally spurred to action by one of the first friends I made in the writing world - Marilyn Meredith.

The reason I have no time to blog is that I spend all my time writing and working on a building which I am remodeling into a bookstore. I know it's crazy to be opening an indie bookstore when others are going broke all around the country. But I have a realistic business plan - "lose as little money as possible."

I plan to host signings for all authors willing to come to the store because I enjoy them and my little city has no bookstore, unless you count Books-A-Million, which I don't. But until the store opens (target - this fall), I'll host authors on my blog. And the first one is Marilyn.

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  1. What an exciting undertaking. I always wanted to work in a bookstore, knowing full well that i'd never get any writing done. Hope you manage to.